Day-to-day accounting and financial administration can distract you from what matters most – growing your business. Untracht Early helps you reduce operating costs, streamline processes, and improve overall business performance.

Pivotal People

Professional & Flexible
Our full suite of Outsourced Accounting & Business Support Services covers everything from core bookkeeping functions to CFO services and everything in between. By focusing on the tasks associated with your daily accounting administration, you can stay focused on running your business operations. While working on the details, we keep our eyes trained on the larger picture so we can give you the guidance you need to make informed business decisions. Whether you need a replacement for someone who recently left your company or a permanent support person, we fill the skills gap with the necessary expertise. We can supply comptroller support, cash management services, loaned staff, as well as any adjunct services you require, either on-site or remotely from our offices. We are particularly of value to start-ups, which often do not have the resources for these functions in-house.

Individualized & Responsive
We gain a detailed understanding of your unique situation, then deliver practical advice, accurate and meaningful reporting, and attentive client service. Prompt access to our team helps ensure that you always have a reliable source in accounting, administration, bookkeeping, consulting, and tax issues available to you.

Primary Services

  • Outsourced accounting and CFO services
  • Vendor management
  • Monthly reporting (including balance sheet, P&L, and cash flow)
  • Payroll administration
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Implementation of accounting systems and software
  • 401(k) implementation and administration
  • Audit assistance and financial statement preparation
  • Consulting on everyday business matters

Meet Our Team

Our unique strength comes from having worked with so many different business owners and CFOs over the years. We’re able to step into a business environment and hit the ground running. We provide a costefficient means of adding experienced accounting professionals to a business and putting in processes that are turn-key so that an owner can focus exclusively on running their business.
Tracey B. Early

Consistent and meaningful communication is key in working with our Outsourced Accounting & Business Support Services clients. They look to us for advice on how to best structure and keep track of various aspects of their business. We provide new and valued insights at every stage of our relationship. Because we’ve worked with so many organizations, if a client is faced with a challenge that’s new to them, we’ve likely worked with a prior client who shared a similar challenge which allows us to deliver informed solutions.
Dennis B. Murtha