High net worth individuals and their families face a variety of complex financial issues. Time constraints, changing tax laws, numerous investment options, and busy lifestyles all act as obstacles to safeguarding hard-earned assets and protecting your family’s financial future. Our Family Office Services support you in completing the necessary tasks so you do not have to think, or worry, about them.

Pivotal Relationships

Personalized & Focused
Our Family Office Services team’s goal is to build an authentic relationship of trust founded on a thorough understanding of you and your family. Earning and keeping that trust and protecting your privacy top the list of our priorities. We serve as your personal CFO, delivering complete financial management and coordination services. We are known for giving close, highly personalized attention to our clients, custom-designed to serve you, your parents, and future generations. We help to keep your financial affairs in order and provide solutions that align with your individual needs and goals. Either as a stand-alone service or in concert with our tax services, our team of seasoned professionals can assist you in growing, managing, and preserving your wealth. Additionally, we act in an oversight role for your other professional advisors to help ensure that the financial pieces are moved at the right time.

Relevant Reporting & Clarity
We provide streamlined, consistent reporting. Monthly, quarterly, and annual customized reports are designed to help you analyze and evaluate financial data with ease and clarity. We partner with you to review balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow projections, and budgets versus actual spending, offering insights to help enhance your daily life and future plans.

Primary Services

  • Vendor management
  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Completion of investment documents
  • Financial management and coordination services
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Summary investment and asset reporting
  • Retirement planning
  • Project management and oversight (including construction)
  • Evaluation and management of insurance policies
  • Household employment payroll
  • Assistance with mortgage applications/refinancing

Meet Our Team

The highest compliment our clients pay us is when they call to say ‘I trust you to just take care of it.’ as it shows they’re relying on us 100% and using our Family Office Services as they should be. Because we make it our business to know everything about their lives and their families, they know we’ve got every detail of their personal financial picture under control, completely organized, and accessible. By being adaptable and thinking along with them, they gain peace of mind that their short and long term goals are always being considered and met.
Tracey B. Early