We address your assurance needs by providing audits, compilations, and reviews that help your business run smoothly. Our methodical approach adds value by identifying risks and offering you practical advice to improve your processes so that your business is protected now and into the future.

Pivotal Insights

Practical & Strategic
We deliver cost-effective, insightful audits. Our strong background in providing traditional accounting, outsourced accounting, and controllership services gives us a unique understanding of the areas of risk that may affect you and your company. We take a risk-based approach, addressing those areas of most concern. Where internal processes can be improved, we provide practical advice you can understand and act on. We keep you informed every step of the way and let you know of any issues, as they arise, so that there are no surprises.

Comprehensive & Transparent
Our assurance professionals have experience as both in-house and outsourced accounting providers to a range of businesses. This broad-based experience affords us the ability to gain a thorough understanding of your unique situation and business needs in context, leading to a meaningful final audit that helps support your business growth.

Efficient & Available
We understand that business moves quickly. Our audit approach is designed to reduce the burden on your staff and have minimum impact on your daily business routine. Ultimately, the value of an audit hinges on our building a close working relationship with you. We are focused on providing you with ongoing, clear communication throughout the audit process.

Meet Our Team

Timothy D Schnall, CPAWhile many clients see an audit as a necessary evil, we strive to give our clients more than the requisite report so that they appreciate the added value we include in our approach. By showing how they can streamline processes, improve production, and increase profitability, as we go, our clients walk away thinking of us not only as an auditor but also as an advisor and trusted resource.
Timothy D. Schnall

Adam Doctor, CPAThe Assurance team takes the view that each financial statement we audit for a client should not only be accurate in terms of the numbers being represented, but also thoughtfully prepared. To that end, we make impactful suggestions throughout the audit process and are constantly thinking about how the final information is presented so that it projects the quality image of the client’s company that their investors expect.
Adam Doctor