Untracht Early Wins Association for Accounting Marketing Achievement Awards

Untracht Early came up a big winner at this year’s Association for Accounting Marketing achievement awards gala in Orlando last week.  Thirty-four awards for marketing accomplishment were given in recognition of outstanding marketing achievement. The gala features awards in multiple categories, including: advertising, collateral, web sites, branding, multimedia, and maverick marketing.

Untracht Early won for:

  • Advertising Campaign – Total Spend of $24,999 or less
  • Branding – Logo
  • Collateral – Brochures

Expert category judges, including professionals in marketing, advertising, communications and professional services, reviewed and judged 125 entries. Winning entries were recognized for the accomplishment of a specific goal or objective, executing a project strategically, and measurable results.

Recipients of the AAM-MAAs were announced at the AAM-MAA’s Gala that took place during the Association’s 2015 Summit in Orlando, FL on June 7-10. This year’s summit marks the 26th edition for the organization. The AAM Summit is the largest event hosted by the association.  Accounting marketing and business development professionals, as well as partners and firm administrators attend the Summit annually to connect with colleagues and learn new strategies to enhance their firm’s marketing and promotion efforts. This year’s Summit was held in conjunction with programs hosted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Association for Accounting Administration (AAA).

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