By Frank Ciambrone

In our firm, we’re strong believers that we should go beyond serving our clients by finding ways to demonstrate our corporate social responsibility and give back to our communities and those in need. Throughout the year, Untracht Early engages in several charity projects and encourages its professionals to take an active part in contributing. The firm supports a wide variety of different charity initiatives and makes sure there’s something for everyone. Our support for the charities we serve comes in different forms. For some charities, we give through monetary fundraisers and for others, we give through our hands-on volunteerism.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Thanksgiving

One of the ways we’ve offered support through our donations is through our firm participation in an incentivized donor program intended to support children in need across the globe. We’ve also held book and toy drives to give fun supplies to hospitalized children as a way of brightening their spirits. And our annual participation in Steptember, which we’re gearing up for now, tasks our professionals with teaming up in groups of four to commit to taking 10,000 steps per day throughout the entire month of September and simultaneously committing to raising funds to combat the effects of Cerebral Palsy through research.

Employees of UE will all agree that there’s always a way to have fun while also benefitting a worthy cause, and that’s just what we aim to do every time we set out to aid the community. The firm creates many opportunities for employees to put their corporate social responsibility to work and raise money for great causes, at the same time.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Tommy Strong

On Bring Your Child to Work Day, we had employees’ kids form their own ice cream shop with 100% of the proceeds going to buy more books and toys for sick children. Whether as helpers, guiding and educating the attendees on how to bring their ice cream shop idea to fruition, or as supporters who bought the children’s ice cream creations at the end of the day, this was just one way we maximized the opportunity of a staple workplace event to come together to raise money for a good cause while having a good time.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Before starting as a full-time staff member, I had interned for 10 weeks. Part of my responsibility during that time was to organize and host a barbeque at a local home meant to get women who have dealt with substance abuse, mental health, or other issues back on their feet. There were 8 other interns at the time, and we all worked as a team to coordinate the event. By sharing the responsibility and keeping each other on track, we were able to successfully put on the barbeque and bond and it was a great time for all. Many of these women told us that it had been the most fun day of their summer and one could tell by the looks on their faces and the laughs all around that we’d succeeded in giving these women a day they could enjoy and remember for a long time.

Regardless of the corporate social responsibility project, UEers recognize it’s equally as important for us as employees to take part in these endeavors –because it helps us get closer with our coworkers and fosters a more positive overall feeling in the office – as it is to give back to our supportive community.

When people do good they tend to feel good, which is just another reason we place such high importance on corporate social responsibility as an integral part of our corporate culture. A little effort can make a big difference.