Untracht Early’s accounting jobs expose professionals to both the tax and audit sides of the profession in a personalized, supportive, and team-oriented culture.

Untracht Early Careers

Our Values

We value strong leadership, excellent organizational and communication skills, and involvement in charitable organizations and activities. We encourage and nurture professional development and offer a wide range of education and training programs.

Our guiding principles in practice include a passion for what we do, pride in our work product and client service, teamwork, integrity, and respect for all.


From insurance to mentoring, we offer a full suite of benefits to support our employees both personally and professionally.

Our Health & Well Being program is designed to offer a full spectrum of benefits to complement your lifestyle.

Health Care Coverage – Untracht Early offers two different types of health insurance plans which allow you to choose from a high deductible or co-payment plan. Both plans offer out-of-network coverage and all preventative care is covered 100%. Prescription drug benefits are available through both plans. Gym membership reimbursement is available through our health care coverage.

Dental – Untracht Early offers an in-network and out-of-network dental plan. Dental coverage services include diagnostic and preventative care. Orthodontia is available on specific plans.

Vision – Untracht Early offers vision insurance to assist with costs associated with eye examinations and hardware.

Paid Time Off – Full time employees receive up to 28 days of Paid Time Off per year (based on staff level and years of services)

Maternity Leave – We offer up to 8 paid weeks of maternity leave based on years of service.

Disability Coverage – We offer short and long term disability to supplement your income in case you become disabled.

Life Insurance – We pay for a life insurance premium for 3x your salary to your beneficiary(ies) in the event of death.

401(K) – Untracht Early contributes a discretionary bonus, annually, to each employee’s 401(K) account. You do not need to participate to be eligible.

Flexible Work Schedule – We offer various types of flexible work arrangements including telecommuting, part-time, or compressed schedules.

Summer Hours – We offer 39 hours of additional Paid Time Off to be used on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Our firm culture benefits promote unity, teamwork, and collaboration.

  • Dress for Your Day
  • Holiday Party
  • Post Busy Season happy hour
  • Annual off-site team building event
  • Intramural sports teams
  • Community service initiatives
  • Formalized Coach and Buddy programs
  • Town Hall meetings
  • Spirit events for the entire office throughout the year

We offer programs that recognize and reward individuals for a job well done.

  • Annual review process in addition to formal reviews given frequently throughout the year
  • Competitive salaries
  • Incentive programs for management
  • CPA exam review courses, payment for exam and licensing fee, and CPA exam bonus (for campus hires)
  • Professional development trainings for all levels
  • Soft-skill development trainings for all levels
  • Program-specific tuition reimbursement
  • Employee referral program
  • Two week new hire orientation program for all campus hires
  • Paid dues and fees to applicable professional organizations
Untracht Early Accounting Awards


Frank Ciambrone“The first years bond incredibly well. I felt like we were friends before we even started. We encourage each other because we all have similar goals and are all going through the same things together.” – Staff


Marc Giacalone“The growth opportunities at Untracht Early are unique. When you start at most firms, you maybe do one thing; here you work on 6-7 different engagements, right off the bat. Working with multiple managers, you have an opportunity to learn from multiple management styles. Because you have hands-on impact and get to see assignments through, from beginning to end, you get a larger picture perspective.” – Staff


Gianna Botti“Untracht Early understands how important it is to interact both in and outside of the office. Firm-sponsored events and activities bring everyone closer together and teach us to work as a team.” – Senior


Katie Ianni“Right from the start, I had regular interaction and training with the individual group and managers who gave me the tools I needed to contribute as part of a group and to grow on my own. Management is extremely vested in my future and wants me to succeed.” – Supervisor


“Even though we’re a public accounting firm, you get experience on both the public and private sides and strong training in both tax and audit fundamentals. Getting this 360 degrees exposure to so many aspects early on in your career is what make Untracht Early distinctive.” – Manager


“As partners, we live our open door policy. We expect people to come in and ask questions – to talk to us, to team with us, and, together, to determine the best approach to both client work and their career path.” – Partner