Since our founding in 1993, Untracht Early has helped individuals and businesses prepare for defining moments through proactive planning and responsiveness to issues that arise. Whether clients are looking to manage and preserve wealth or grow a business, we provide a full range of tailored solutions to help position them for success.

Pivotal People

Core Values
We are committed to delivering proficiency through our core accounting, tax, assurance, and consulting services, as well as to building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. Our professionals are accessible, personable, and knowledgeable about the factors that lead to successful tax and financial outcomes. Whether on a business or individual level, our deep technical expertise in the most complex areas of tax and accounting helps ensure that clients are always prepared for the future.

Multifaceted Expertise
Our role extends beyond that of tax preparers or auditors. We serve as an integral part of the financial and advisory teams of closely held and entrepreneurial businesses, alternative investment managers, and high net worth individuals and their families. The foundation for our close working relationships is a thorough understanding of each client’s unique financial situation as well as their current and future goals. We emphasize the consulting aspects of our engagements and act as general business and financial advisors. Our clients rely on us not only for accounting decisions but also for our input on business matters, tax strategies, and strategic planning.

Value-Added Service
Often we are the first call our clients make to discuss an important financial decision or to talk through ideas with a professional who understands where opportunities exist and how potential risks can be minimized. We strive to deliver maximum value by digging deeper into their individual situation to ask questions they may not have initially considered. We weigh multiple aspects of the challenges clients face to offer comprehensive responses and well-thought-out strategies that help them best achieve their desired outcomes.

Quick, Accurate Responses
We are passionate about providing accurate answers, quickly. Our highly responsive professionals have broad expertise in a wide range of subject matters and industry sectors. By keeping up-to-date on the latest regulations, pronouncements, and best practices, we are able to add critical insight to discussions, deliver thorough analyses and documentation, and support confident decisions. We discuss client issues with a team of Untracht Early professionals who have experience in the areas most relevant to their questions to provide the most comprehensive answers. If the best answer requires additional research, we explore the matter further – turning the process around fast without sacrificing accuracy so clients know exactly how to proceed.

Authentic Relationships
Our clients value the candor, clarity, and honest guidance we provide. These fundamental qualities help ensure we build close, genuine relationships and become a vital part of their team of professionals.

Untracht Early Accounting Awards